Update iOS-App

Hi all,

we are happy to release our version 1.5 for iOS. We have some nice improvements for you. With this release we focussed on adding songs on the go and handling your playlist.

Adding songs
Search Musicplayr, Youtube & Soundcloud and add songs in a snap. Now you also can paste or insert links directly into the app.

imageHandling your playlists
Create new playlists on-the-go and like songs to different playlists.

We also added fullscreen support in landscape mode :-)

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Musicplayr for Artists

Hey music lovers,

probably you already have noticed that some cool artists are now using Musicplayr and show their music taste.

It is fantastic to see Curse, Mousset, Chris Liebing and Thomas D using musicplayr.com. To make it easy for them to show their music profile on Facebook, we created a Facebook Fanpage App for Musicplayr. So when you have a Facebook Fanpage you can now easily embed your music profile there.
imageMousse TimageThomas DimageChris LiebingimageCurse

This is how it works:

1. Go to the embed tab in your settings area and select your fanpage after clicking the link

image2. Your Musicplayr badge will appear on your Facebook timeline
image3. You are done and your musc profile is now integrated into your Facebook fanpage


T-Shirts arrived, get yours for free!


Hi all, today some t-shirts arrived at our office :-)

We have a present for the first 100 users, who invite friends via Facebook, Twitter or Email to Musicplayr. After the first 100 users invited their friends, we will mail you and ask for your t-shirt size (we do have men slim fit, classic fit and women sizes) and mailing address!


Featured Profile: Emily Tan

Emily is always looking for new music while still appreciating the old stuff. This New Jersey- based freelance writer and photographer contributes to various publications including Prefix Magazine, The Line of Best Fit, Idolator and The Drop.fm.

Her playlist acts like a bucket list, (just as Glastonbury is still on her photo bucket list) one full of artists to check off one day. Learn more about Emily and what she plans to cross off the list next!

If music was a meal, it would be… grilled cheese sandwich, tomato soup and a cherry coke — simple, classic and so comforting.

I love using Musicplayr because… it brings me back to watching one of my old pastimes — watching music videos but now I can choose what I want to see.

My all-time favorite artist is… The Who…no wait… The Beatles… Fleetwood Mac… I mean sorry I just can’t chose one.

This song expresses my current mood… “Punching in a Dream” by The Naked and Famous

Which matters more to you - tune or lyrics? Normally depends on the day. So today I’ll go with tune.

Follow Artists

With this release we have something special for you. At the first glance, for some of you the value of this might not be obvious but we promise you, it will create value for everybody using Musicplayr.

Song meta data

We integrated Gracenotes audio fingerprint technology into our web product. We are already using that technology to deliver the song tagging function on the iOS app. Now all songs you store in your Musicplayr archive will be identified and we pull in metadata to structure your music database. With this release we pull in title, artist name, album name, release year and the label. If we identify a song which you added, we show this in your activity feed and indicate this in the song lists with a small tag icon. All metadata will be displayed on the song details page.

Currently artist name and album name are clickable and lead you to the corresponding aggregated artist profiles and album pages. This is an easy way for you to discover more great songs.

Discover tab

We combined the “playlist” and “follow” tab in our new “discover” tab. The new artist pages are an important part of the new discover area. We will improve this further with search and filter options. You can browse Musicplayr now by artist, music profiles and hashtags.

Follow artists

The new artist pages are like described auto-aggregated with the help of the song identification. When you like this artists and do not want to miss a song of him on Musicplayr you can follow him. When you follow an artist every new song on the platform, which is identified as a song of the artists, will appear in your music stream.


This is a big step for us and we will extend the metadata in different directions:

  • Users will be able to filter their archives by metadata (genre, artist etc.)
  • Artist pages will be extended with more content (pictures, tweets etc.)
  • Users will be able to add metadata (genres, artist etc.)

Clean meta data is the key for a lot of things you will see in the future. Now Musicplayr knows what music you like and listen to, so we can offer you the right people to connect with.

So what do you think about this? We are looking forward to your feedback.

Cheers, Stefan

Featured Profile: Jenna Przybylowski

Jenna’s number one passion is photography, and second to that is music. She photographs many things, but is happiest when shooting live shows: everything around her disappears, and she is engulfed in the music and so focused on getting the perfect shots.

From Beck to Neil Young to The White Stripes, her taste in music often reflects her inspired state of mind. Read on to find out how music drives Jenna’s passions.

If music was a meal, it would be… a giant feast with the most familiar faces and everyone I love.

I love using Musicplayr because… I constantly exhaust my music library, and I’m always searching for more and more and more.

My all-time favorite artist is… Jack White, both solo and in bands.

This song expresses my current mood… The Breeze by Dr. Dog.

Which matters more to you - tune or lyrics? Most of the time, I’m attracted to the music of a song before the lyrics, but it always depends on the song. Sometimes the music will catch me, sometimes the lyrics. I especially appreciate lyrics that tell a story.

Jenna thanks for your great music profile - we enjoy listening to you here in the musicplayr office!

iPhone App

Now we bring our unique music streaming service to iOS. The iPhone app combines all the functionality of the Musicplayr web platform with enhanced audio fingerprint technology and intelligent link-search capability. We are very excited about your early feedback.

For those who have not tested the app yet … let’s go, it’s worth it! We already know many things to improve and we will tackle that at the beginning of next year.


Beautiful User Profiles

It is fantastic to see what you do with the background pictures. This is just a small selection. You can add a background picture by mouse hover on your profile picture.










Btw - the music on these profiles is also worth exploring ;)



Hi all,

today we released our new search function. A better search experience was always heavily requested since the early days of musicplayr.com. We think this is a huge step towards a really useful search box.

When you type in a song or artist we show you four different areas:

1. If a song on Musicplayr matches your search query we show this on top of the results. It is very likely that this song is a great one, because someone has already put it on his profile.

2. Then we go to the Youtube API and search the massive content pool over there. The nice thing is, that you can listen to a song directly on the search results page without adding it to your account.

3. Soundcloud is the third content pool we search in for your songs and artists.

4. In case your query matches a username, we show this profile in the fourth section and surfaces profiles and #Tags on Musicplayr worth exploring because there you can find music related to your search query.

Happy searching!

Backend update with some frontend improvements

Yesterday we had a major backend update. Most of the stuff we improved is not visible in the frontend and is related to a new URL structure and our API in preparation of our mobile launch. What has changed with yesterday’s update for you?

Song Details Pages with Pictures

The song details pages will improve even more over time - this time we just added the song picture which makes the page visually more appealing.

Keyboard Shortcuts & New Notifications  

Actually the keyboard shortcuts are available for a couple of weeks now, but now we promote them in the drop down menu on your profile picture. You will also find new orange notification bars throughout the site.

Play Profiles 

You knew that before but for our new users the play button on the profile makes it more intuitive how Musicplayr works - yes, you can play a complete profile.

More things we improved

  • Cleaner URLs as preparations for multiple languages
  • Access to the bookmarklet and the TakeawayPlayr on playlists
  • Shuffle mode works now perfect 

And a bunch of even smaller usability improvements throughout the site.



Featured Profile: Elisabeth

Alternative, electronic, indie, pop and rock are way to different to be found in one playlist? Mainstream and underground doesn`t go together?

Well, Elisabeth proves it`s possible by presenting a playlist ruled by international bands and artists, by well-known stars and those who`ll become some – one day pretty soon. Indie-tunes from „The Beautiful Girls“ follow Canadian and German folk, before „Simon the Russian“ suprises one with some smooth trip hop accompanied by Russian lyrics one doesn`t need to understand to feel and love it.

Let`s stick to the words of „We Invented Paris“ to describe her playlist as a melancholic joy of living which is worth listening and following.

Hey Elisabeth, would you mind answering some questions?

If music was a meal, it would be… hot waffles and rhubarb lemonade.

My favorite feature on Musicplayr is…not easy to choose, because I like the whole concept of having a playlist visible for everybody online and listen to this playlist wherever I like, without even logging in.

My all-time favorite artist is…an all-time difficult question to answer. If I’m asked that, I tell people I have a playlist at Musicplayr and they should listen to it, this is more representative then saying one or two artist names. (I love the Beatles, but that might have sounded cheesy. Elliott Smith and Jeff Buckley were both geniuses.)

At the moment, this song expresses best, what I feel like: Boy & Bear - Feeding Line (not so much the lyrics, but the rhythm and melody) Here on Musicplayr: http://mup.la/RwZk0d

Tune or lyrics - what makes a song? I must admit, there are great songs with shallow lyrics, but I’m more the type of person that pays attention to the lyrics and cherishes them, if they are good. Most of the people who made music history wrote appealing lyrics.

Thank you, Elisabeth! Keep supplying your followers with good music!

New website and features for an all new listening buzz

These are exciting times for us - now it is official - we are out of closed beta and open up a little more to get feedback from a broader audience. We want to share some thoughts around our new release with you:

New Homepage

The updated Musicplayr is better than ever in terms of its visuals and technical functionality. The website has been given a brand new look and now boasts a clear, informative and technically sophisticated design. Visitors are provided with a concise overview of the most active users as well as the most popular songs on Musicplayr, while the improved search function allows for a faster navigation. The registration process and login functions have also been completely revised.

Your Music Profile

The personal music profile is still the heart of Musicplayr’s functionality, giving users the chance to share the songs they really love from all over the internet with their friends and followers. These profiles can now be customized with individual background images, thereby providing users with an even better way to reveal their personality and style. Below you see some early examples what our users did with that.



Improved sound quality

The most important aspect of this relaunch was to improve both the sound and video quality. With this release, users can now select the quality they wish to enjoy. There is nothing stopping users with a powerful internet connection from enjoying all the videos in maximum HD video quality. Discerning listeners can get exactly what they want.

There is more to be released in the next weeks but this is something for a separate blog post. Enjoy the new Musicplayr!



Featured Profile: Sarah

In our new blog series „Featured Profiles“ we introduce extraordinary musicplayr users to you. We’re not planning on giving you a general overview over the current top 100 pop hits – you can google that in five seconds. We want you to get to know special people with a unique music taste. By following them, you can broaden your musical horizons, discover new unique artists or just dive deeper into a special music genre.

Mainstream is something you can get anywhere. We got the extraordinary.

This is why we chose Sarah to be our first “Featured Profile”: sarah.musicplayr.com

Besides some popular tunes like Lana Del Rey’s “Summertime Sadness”, Sarah provides a nice potpourri of electronic and alternative music on her musicplayr profile. Between electronic tunes by the Brazilian artist Gui Boratto and minimal by Stimming from Hamburg, Germany, you can find guitar sounds by the indie folk band Peter and Kerry from London. Do these names ring a bell? They don’t have to. Sarah doesn’t copy charts but she recommends her very personal music tips.

The very decent composition of clean electronic tunes and warm folksy sound makes following her music profile highly recommendable. 

Hey Sarah, could you please complete the following sentences?

If music was a meal, it would be… ice cream with hot cherries.

My favorite feature on musicplayr is… the full-screen mode.

My all-time favorite artist is… William Fitzsimmons.

Thanks a lot, Sarah! Keep posting your awesome music!

Getting closer to 1.0, it’s all about the music”playr” and your friends

Our old playr bar on top of musicplayr.com was always something what worked but never made us really happy. Now after a couple of months out there, we know what player functions are urgently needed and which we can put to the background layer.

New Playr Bar

You still have direct access to the main player controls, while repeat, shuffle and comments are now grouped in a drop down menu. The back arrow now only shows up via mouse-hover and leads you to the playlist where the song is played from. Like and share are more prominent now and the search entry field is really focused once you clicked in it.

To control the currently playing song we created a new easy-to-use time bar. In difference to the old bar the dragging options are only visible on mouse-hover the song name. We also optimized the response time and the behavior of the playr loading animation.

Here comes full-screen mode

We are very excited to release the full-screen mode. When you are interacting with videos on the web you always want a full screen experience. At parties this will be an entertaining feature for your crowds. One of the great features of HTML5 is the native browser full-screen video support. Without it, video consumption is limited to watching the video within the browser window. With native full-screen support this feels like a real media player!

Find friends section completely revamped

We all know that with your friends, nearly everything in life is more fun. We now give you four options Email, Invite-Link, Facebook & Twitter to find and invite friends to musicplayr.com. Before you can invite friends, you have to upload a profile picture and link or like 10 songs to your profile and you are ready to go! When you connect to Facebook and/or Twitter you now can easily find friends already using musicplayr or invite new friends and share your loved music.

This is a huge step ahead for us - enjoy it!


Eye candy for your ears: we re-designed your profile and playlists

From day one we are dedicated to develop an application, which is, apart from the easiness of sharing your music, a neat and playful tool. Providing only the functionality doesn’t do the trick; you want esthetics and fun, too. Today we are very proud to release probably the most substantial release in our short history. We played around with this longer than ever on our development servers but now we are happy to show it to you.

Enjoy your profile with all senses 

In the updated version, musicplayr allows you to create a visual perspective of your music taste. Just by linking your favorite songs your profile gets now a visually compelling and “blog-like” appearance. When you link your song you now pull the pictures from the video portal or from SoundCloud. We will iterate around this further more in the coming iterations to make your posts visually even more compelling. But already in this first version, we think it works quiet awesome!

Artists stay where they belong - on top

The second aspect of the design iteration is a continually visible player window, which shows the currently playing content more clearly. This is a very important step in giving the content owners and artists a more prominent position on musicplayr.

This design iteration is just the beginning. The next step will be providing more track-related information and showing more pictures. This will enable you to get even more creative in designing your individual profile.

So what do you think? We love to get your feedback on this one!