Help, I need somebody.

And we hope, we are “not just anybody” to help you out. So, we just want to give you a short intro of Musicplayr and want to answer some questions here publicly, which we received so far - a little unstructured in the beginning though.

What Musicplayr is about?

Musicplayr is your tool for bookmarking music links from around the web. Think delicious for music. And we enable you to upload your own songs as well, which helps you integrate your local music with the variety of playlists and favorites you may have spread on various platforms. = Your Public Playlist = Your Public Profile

Song links here can be enjoyed from anyone who knows your username so that “she” can visit and check out your taste. Sound to impress. Or just use your profile if the music of the party you are at is just not kicking.

A song is unavailable

This can only happen with bookmarked/linked songs*. As we are not hosting neither caching the linked songs physically, this may occur due to problems of the source where you linked the song from. This may happen temporarily or even permanently which we find sad, but we can’t influence that. Musicplayr is designed to show you the availability of song links in the very moment you want to play them. For this reason we only store the corresponding hyperlinks for you which you submitted into our system.

Uploaded Songs

Legally, we only can make those songs playable to you and you must be logged in for that. But you still can show your taste if you add an uploaded song to your public profile as other users cannot listen to it. Sorry, but those are the rules and we will stick to them.

Where’s the music search function?

As we are a bookmarking tool and do not have any kind of editorial staff we are neither allowed nor able to offer you music links from around the web. Neither we are crawling or indexing music for you. The work, fun and fame of finding cool music and sharing them with friends is all under your control and fingertips. Promised.

Linker, liker – I don’t understand

The linker is the lucky guy, who found the song elsewhere and linked it the first time into our system. With that action her followers are able to like that song onto their playlist – we call those likers. Just a single letter but a whole different meaning. Be first, be the linker! Lead, don’t follow – although following is a wonderful and easy way to discover new music.

Linked by anonymous

If a first time submitter links a song to one of her private playlists and you submitted the same link afterwards, we show a “linked by anonymous”. With this we keep the first time submitter’s privacy and leave the option for her to like/copy her song to her public playlist(s), if she then decides so.

A song (details site) is deleted on Musicplayr

This may happen whenever the first time linker deleted this song and all of the likers deleted this song as well. As we are showing the links you submitted or liked there’s no reason for us as platform to keep the hyperlink and the corresponding song details page anymore and thus our system kicks this into the digital nirvana. Of course some else may re-submit the same hyperlink later in time. So you always have the power of your music links and music uploads.


You find them in your user icon in the top right corner. To get back to you playr world with Inbox, Playlists and Public Playlists just hit the logo in the top left corner.


Click the logo and you’ll be brought back to your inbox.

*If this happens with your uploaded songs we are probably all sweatening already to fix our own problems (read: servers;)