We all love music – but music is broken…

We received great feedback from all of you, who used the service during our closed beta period. Thank you so much for that. We know there is a lot to do in the short term, to make you all happy and to have a service, which we can open up for the public.

But in this post I want to take you through some thoughts, which will guide us in the long term to create this new music experience. When it comes to music, many things are broken:

  1. Music is diverse & rich – current tools do not support that and MTV and myspace are dead :-( 
  2. Music is personal – there are no adequate tools to share your taste & discover new stuff
  3. Music is a lifelong experience – only a physical medium supports that so far
Music is diverse & rich

Music is more than a recorded audio track stored on a cd or in an online store. Music is multi media, music is in videos, music is described in text and music is re-mixed. Enjoying music must be a rich experience. When MTV was still alive, we all loved it because of its supreme mix of videos and editorial content.

Just compare a sole music file on your hard drive with a youtube video from a live gig or a blog post, with related information. That’s all music and when you love music you want to curate that richness, not only a part of it. The only tool so far which really tries to tackle that is the songbird desktop app. I really love it but it has its flaws, the biggest – it is not completely web-based.

The musicplayr wants to fix that with a very easy mechanism: bookmarking links, curating this link lists & creating more content around it. Unifying your listening and playing experience to the better.

Music is personal

Music is very personal. Your music taste is really private and nobody wants to unveil his complete music library. This makes it difficult for a network like apples ping to really unleash the power of personal music sharing. Users are afraid of over-sharing.

We want to help and make sharing of your music taste save & comfortable. We do this with a very clear distinction between your public playlist(s), which everyone can follow (it’s actually “your music blog”) and your private playlists for your personal use.

Music is a lifelong experience

You start with it at the age around 15 and do it until you stop listening to music: You collect all your loved music. Until today there are 2 physical mediums, which can help you. There are cd- & vinyl-racks and there are hard drives. We assumed and feared, they get big and not easy to handle with. Around that, there is a lot of innovation right now. There are great streaming services like spotify & rdio or music lockers like amazon’s cloud drive or iCloud. The problem with the streaming services is the question of ownership. Do I own the music there? We do not really know. What happens when the service is gone or when I want to leave? Is my musical DNA gone?

Further more there are the video portals with their massive pool of great music content. What happens when this beautiful youtube video I found yesterday is removed? Is this song gone forever?

To help here, we will provide different features, which are not developed yet, but are at our core. You should be able to export all your data including the music meta data. This data set enables you to recreate your musical DNA. In other words: You should own the information you store in your musicplayr account.

What’s your take on this topic? State your opinion in the commments - we are happy to listen to you!

Stay tuned, some things will be released sooner – others later and for sure some things never ;-)